Why Is Business Process Management Critical?

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Digitization of business and increasing customer expectations has led to a fast paced, hyperconnected market which makes operational processes increasingly critical. True organizational agility that allows organizations to respond to this market comes from a deep understanding of the processes that deliver value to your stakeholders. Processes are fundamental to how an organization realizes its strategic intent. They are the way your business generates revenue, delivers value, meets it’s targets, achieves it's objectives and delights it's customers. Business Process Management involves the identification, design, execution, analysis and the improvement business process. ESS believes in continuous process management, as well as continuous process improvement.

Business Process Architecture

More than just a picture or a model, business process architecture is a daily aid to guide strategic and operational management for the delivery of excellent customer experiences. We help organizations with the creation of a business process architecture that helps them:

  • Focus on value: Developing and maintaining a process architecture constantly focuses an organization on value delivery via business processes.
  • Enhance communication: Asking “who are our customers and what value do they get from us?” causes powerful and valuable conversations.
  • Facilitate process performance management and prioritize improvement: To focus everyone on value delivery, process performance needs to be defined, measured, reported, and discussed. Every organization has many processes. Where is the best return-on-effort in analysis and improvement?

Process Modeling for Management

Properly designed and managed process models are crucial; for process analysis and improvement, change control, cross-functional usability, process performance management as well as setting the foundation for automation and integration into systems and platforms. ESS helps organizations move from static, disconnected process documentation to dynamic, flexible views by realizing process modelling benefit.

Process Improvement

Your business process improvement efforts should be a cycle of efficient and effective projects based on a constant, proactive search for process-improvement opportunities. ESS promotes a practical approach that enables evidence-based decisions about business context and requirements that drives business improvement.

With our experienced consulting team and connected global network of thought leaders and practitioners, we can help you identify problems and opportunities as well as innovations and strategies that will embed genuine continuous process improvement.

BPM Tools and Technology

ESS has decade of experience working with the diverse needs of clients planning their BPM journey. We have extensive knowledge of a variety of BPM tools / technologies, and can help our clients with the assessment, selection, installation and implementation of a suitable BPM platform. An outside partner like ESS provides expertise in assessing your current technical landscape and identifying, designing and implementing business process improvement technologies / support.

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