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The application of the analytical concept of data in virtuous applications in Big Data and Cloud structures, often lead to negative experiences when dealing with slow queries about large volumes of data, a low performance due to the competition for scarce system resources and heterogeneous systems that need to be maintained to accommodate different data needs.

Kyligence Enterprise’s AI-Augmented analytics engine automates the complex work that stands between data and new ideas, offering dramatic productivity improvements for both analysts and data engineers. On an Extreme OLAP Platform, which allows an approach designed to quickly answer analytics queries involving multiple dimensions. It does this by rolling up large, sometimes separate, datasets into a multidimensional database known as an OLAP Cube. This OLAP Cube is optimized for easy analysis and enables the “slicing and dicing” of data from different viewpoints for a streamlined query experience, based on the application of traditional Business Intelligence concepts, but specifically designed for Big Data and Cloud services, as a new generation in Business Intelligence services.

ESS Kyligence Expertise

ESS, which has a high reputation recognized by its clients in the services offered by its traditional Advanced Analytics Competency, is now established as the main partner of Kyligence. This partnership allows ESS customers to apply the best solutions and methodologies required in large Business Analytics projects based on large volumes of data

Faster Time to Insight

As a distributed extreme OLAP engine that builds cubes on Hadoop, and powered by Hadoop/HBase/Spark and other technologies, Kyligence achieves millisecond to second level query latency for up to a trillion rows data. This means analysts and researchers can quickly extract insights from massive datasets interactively.

Easy to Use

All operations can be done via web GUI, and the query language is ANSI-SQL so users don’t need to learn a new language. Kyligence also supports star and snowflake schemas, and you can easily migrate legacy applications to Hadoop. With the JDBC/ODBC driver, you can seamlessly integrate Kyligence with all of your BI tools.

Seamless Integration

Kyligence talks with Hadoop via standard APIs and can be quickly installed into all mainstream Hadoop releases, both on-premises and in the cloud. Kyligence exposes its Restful API so you can easily embed it into any data workflows you have.

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