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An employee’s journey is never static. Whether they are forging new relationships with team members, receiving feedback, undergoing training to improve their performance or working towards a role change or promotion, they are always on a journey that needs to be managed.


Getting the right team members is increasingly competitive in many markets. We strongly believe in our background and experience. Most our recruitment comes as a referral from our current and past employees as well as our clients

Induction & On-Boarding Solution

We understand induction phase of the employee journey is critical. Each team member is enabled with the information and tools they need to be effective and efficient. They are guided in line with the organization’s culture and they need to learn how to connect with the organization and other colleagues, as well as becoming aware of best practices and other skills required for their new role.

Team Building & Motivation Solution

Team building is key – especially in disparate organizations – to enabling, guiding, connecting and developing employees. We help to create interactive experiences that bring together team members, share information with the right people at the right time, prepare employees, share knowledge and bring together skill sets.

Development & Feedback Solution

We strongly believe that ensuring our employees keep learning and achieve their full potential will not only increase their own motivation and lead to higher levels of retention, it also results in a distinct competitive advantage over our competitors who fail to invest in their teams. Also, by receiving feedback to understand our employees, how engaged they are, how empowered they are, we take action to Enable, Guide, develop and Connect them, is critical to our success.


Investing in training and development is one thing, but ensuring this training is delivered effectively, efficiently and provides real value for all stakeholders is equally important and an area where a lot of training falls down. At ESS, employees can pursue their learning and development journey at their own pace by engaging with a series of content when and how they want. We encourage employees, managers and trainers to interact with each other in real-time and also prompt employees to achieve certain milestones by key dates

Role Change and Career progression

Changing roles can be very daunting and stressful for many employees and can be hugely disruptive for employers too if it is not managed effectively. By understanding what career aspirations employees have, we guide employees in every step of the way to have a career progression and role change based on their individual interests and aspirations. employees and achieve greater business results.

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