Cloud Migration Services

Simplify Provisioning And Managing Infrastructure

ESS Migration team helps you simplify, expedite, and automate large-scale migration to the cloud. Continuous Data Replication takes place in the background, without application disruption or performance impact, which ensures that data is synced in real time and minimizes cutover windows. When migration cutover is initiated, ESS executes a highly automated machine conversion and orchestration process, allowing even the most complex applications and databases to run natively on the cloud, without compatibility issues and with minimal IT skills necessary.

Rather than doing a straight “lift and shift” of your existing workload, our cloud migration experts help you leverage the power and agility of cloud-native solutions and deploy infrastructure designed for both the unique needs of your business and the unique possibilities of the cloud. Migrating with our team will transform your infrastructure into a strategic asset with the elasticity, reliability, andglobal reach needed to accelerate growth in your business.

A Cloud Migration Strategy That Works - Fast

We collaborate with you to define the right cloud strategy for your business, and manage the hybrid world that results, while keeping everything secure. Let us make cloud first your new normal. Transform your agility and performance. We deliver the best cloud option for each of your applications.

Cloud Native Applications

Transforming your capability to develop software by leveraging micro-service architecture, agile and Business Driven Development (BDD), DevOps, Containerization and Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS)

Migrating Workloads To Cloud

We turn your cloud-first ambition into reality, with an efficient and high quality approach to move your workloads to the cloud.

Implementing Software-As-A-Service

Accelerate your journey to the cloud by choosing, deploying, and integrating the right Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solutions as part of your organisation's cloud-first approach.

ESS Cloud Migration Solutions

We help organisations transition to the leading cloud platforms available today. Talk to us today to take full advantage of our capabilities to transform your organisation.

Why Migrate To The Cloud?

Here are the seven most important things that every stakeholder should know before they decide to move to the GCP Cloud

Business Strategy

  • Expand your business in the global market with services that are available 24/7
  • Supporting traffic on a global level within budget for both short & long term needs. The cloud offers a reliable system that already operates with global services and an entire squad of specialists that are there to intervene if anything goes down.
  • Build and test the system on a small scale and scale up only when you need to. You will only pay for the resources that you actually use, without incurring upfront costs for resources or capacity that you’re not using.

Reduce Capex and Opex

  • It’s less expensive than creating your own infrastructure. With the cloud, you only pay for the resources that you’re using, which will be even fewer during the testing period. Once the party starts, you can use more assets, and pay accordingly.
  • The price of cloud services is decreasing. As the popularity of cloud systems grows, pricing is reduced to respond to the massive supply and demand. Given this trend, you could easily end up paying less in a year or two than you are paying now.
  • You will pay only for the resources you’re using. There is also no need for reserved assets that you would pay for and maybe never use. When you need some extra room, you can use it, no questions asked.

Safe, Secure System

  • Data security is one of the main pillars of the cloud business model. Each cloud platform guarantees that the data placed on their servers will be protected. Breaking this promise means that the platform risks its entire business and the enormous trust placed in their service by millions of clients from all over the world. Data security is something that all of the primary cloud providers are taking very seriously. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will have a secure and safe system at your disposal.

Data Ownership

  • The ownership of your information still remains the same, even after the physical location of the data has changed. In other words, your company will still own the database even when it has physically left the building.
  • Cloud platforms guarantee a high level of data protection and offers powerful tools that allow customers to choose from a variety of storage, access, and security options.

Focused, Productive Teams

  • A team that is  released from these repetitive daily tasks can be more focused on  innovation and customer needs and can be more dedicated to the product  and therefore more productive, especially when it comes to resolving any  major issues.

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