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Leveraging Your SAP Investment with an SAP Center of Excellence 

An SAP COE Overview

Companies that effectively run SAP remain focused on utilizing SAP to drive business value beyond their original implementation goals. This requires leveraging three key components: their Business Processes, the SAP Application, and the underlying Infrastructure. The Center of Excellence, or COE, leverages business and IT talents and industry standard best practices to drive and achieve continued value.

ESS’s SAP COE Advisory Services Program helps customers like you understand how best to improve your organization’s IT value focus and establish the roles, responsibilities, processes and tools that deliver increased time to value.

Our goal, among others, is to help you appreciate the powerful value that can come from business / IT alignment and synergy.  We help you understand the difference between a Competency Center and a COE. The three key elements of a successful SAP Center of Excellence: People, Processes and Tools.

What Defines a Successful SAP COE?

In our experience, SAP COEs are characterized by proactively demonstrating unique ways to apply technology and resources to value propositions and competitive pressures in a forward-thinking manner. SAP COEs actively look for value opportunities and build ROI in by design. As a result, SAP COEs typically achieve reduced operational costs through Incident and Problem Management and recognize increased capacity for enhancement and optimization.

Competency Center or Center of Excellence?

Given the amount of confusion that can exist, we help organizations understand the difference and added benefit between an IT-centric SAP Competency Center and a collective IT & Business SAP Center of Excellence.

SAP COE Core Components for Success

The three primary SAP COE components: People, Processes, and Tools.

  • People perform functions, processes integrate those functions, and tools bring efficiency
  • Functions are performed by a group of people, usually by knowledge or areas of expertise, in order to carry out activities related to one or more processes.
  • Processes typically cross functions, are measurable and countable, have clear, valuable outcomes, and tend to be relatively few in number
  • Tools help enable processes and bring efficiencies

Optimization & Enhancement Services: Flexibly Adapt SAP Solutions

If digitization makes one thing clear, it’s that the “that’s what we’ve always done” approach no longer works. Over the decades, business models have been overturned and technological innovations continue to emerge one after the other – and IT solutions need to adapt to new requirements as quickly as possible. In times of agile development, it is vital to not just implement SAP solutions but also to continually optimize them.

What can you get out of this? Better performance, for one. But, above all, more flexibility to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, as well as support every department in the best possible way. At ESS we can help you with this.

Optimization & Enhancement Services: An Overview

Cloud Development Services

Are your system landscape and software development process fit for the digital age? We analyze your current situation and give you clear recommendations for process design – or implement them ourselves.

In today’s global markets, it is no longer enough to be successful only in your own country. In addition, business models now need to be constantly adapted – in an agile way or even automatically. Only then can you drive innovation while saving costs. This requires cloud technologies as well as efficient processes for implementation and innovation.

As part of our cloud development services, we offer you a comprehensive IT development strategy. We analyze your existing development process and give you clear recommendations for reorganizing your processes and tools.

We will also gladly program extensions for your existing solutions, develop new user interfaces, or adapt existing templates. This is useful, for example, if you want to transfer on-premise functions to the cloud.

SAP System & Performance Services

Where are deficiencies in the performance of your SAP landscape? How stable are the systems? Find out – and improve the performance of your solutions.

Even the best IT solution offers little benefit if it is too slow to respond; users will just reject it. We analyze the performance of your SAP infrastructure and determine how stable your systems are, how quickly databases and applications respond, whether it is correctly configured, and whether your hardware and interfaces are being used effectively.

Based on these insights, we optimize your SAP solutions and processes. This ensures they react faster and users enjoy working with them again.

Our SAP system and performance services:

  • SAP Performance Analysis and Optimization: Tuning for transactions, background services, and data throughput including root cause analysis
  • SAP System Assessment: Analysis of errors and performance loss in the SAP system, the database, and the operating system
  • SAP System Safeguarding Service: Monitoring of all relevant system KPIs during go-live and periods of intensive load

SAP Data Volume Management

In the age of big data, a huge amount of data is gathered quickly and can lead to higher costs. This assessment gives you perspective and eliminates excessive capacities.

The more your business grows, the more data you need to manage – especially with the new systems and components that come with it. The digital age of cloud and big data intensify the situation. More tightly integrated and complex SAP landscapes increase dependencies between systems, which makes it more difficult to complete upgrades and migration projects. At the same time, the need to innovate as well as keep costs low puts increasing pressure on IT departments.

If your systems are to continue running in a stable and productive manner, you require an efficient strategy for data management. And, you need clarity about the cost drivers in your SAP landscape.

This is where our SAP data volume management comes into play. We analyze the use and growth of your data on the basis of itelligence’s own methods and best practices. You receive a tailored strategy to reduce your data footprint, archive data that is not currently needed, and reduce or even completely avoid surplus data in the future. This helps you limit the growth of your database and save on operating costs. It also ensures high performance from your existing solutions.

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