Legacy applications are often complex and difficult to maintain. Many have been written in programming languages and standards that have gone by the wayside. Our decades of experience here at ESS enable us to support your legacy applications with confidence. We have experienced these issues before. Whether these applications are homegrown or vendor purchased and out of support we can help.

Here at ESS, we have mastered legacy maintenance; we work with your team as long as you need your systems running. We offer services to upgrade, add features and enhance legacy systems too. Regardless of scope and scale, this can be incorporated into our managed services model.

The term managed servicesĀ is very broad and can entail many facets. Our Managed Services Model is roughly defined as the management of the information and or information system by an external company. Our managed service solutions are designed to optimize the productivity of the target systems in order to enable you and your team to focus on business challenges, not legacy support. Our team will advise on how to optimize legacy systems to extend both functionality and the life of the target system. During our assessment results, we solicit any and all feedback and involvement from the business stakeholders. Our goal is to provide an optimal solution. We will work with the business stakeholders to identify what is desired and what is realistic. Together we will build a roadmap. This roadmap might entail upgrades, feature enhancements or even a full forklift or application rewrite. We aim to create all of the options in between. We work within your constraints. We offer a variety of options and solutions because we understand the value of legacy systems. There are conditions and scenarios where aggressive enhancements do not bring value. Value judgment can be affected by business strategy, ROI & TCO calculations, and business conditions. As fellow business owners and stakeholders, we understand these conditions. Our goal is to provide you with valuable solutions.

We offer the following benefits to utilizing our managed services solutions:

  • Technical expertise based on the root technology, minimal ramp-up time.
  • A detailed assessment of the target system and solutions to the problems identified.
  • Direct access to subject matter experts (SME).
  • Access to dedicated project management personnel.
  • Customized and comprehensive reports outlining all the operations on the platform.

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