As more organizations seek solutions for ways to maximize the value of your information, properly classified data, available in the correct location and in the desired time increases the challenge of it. In this sense, the Informatica LLC, for over ten years in featured in Gartner by providing solid solutions in integration services, stands out for its set of governance support-oriented applications and information architecture, increasingly required in today’s connected world.

The ESS, that has great reputation recognized by its customers in the services offered by traditional competence of your integration, today established as the main partner of Informatics LLC in Brazil. This partnership allows address ESS clients implementing the best solutions and methodologies required in large projects with the health requirements to meet the fronts of integration, data quality and safety, in addition to the Master data management and the application of Informatics Solutions LLC in cloud.

ESS Integration Services

The power of Integration Services of ESS has extensive expertise in the best solutions and market methodologies. With experience in large projects, the ESS has won great reputation in their clients served by this jurisdiction. We have a team of highly qualified and structured in areas of technical and business skills ready to offer the best methodologies and solutions according to the customers ‘ requirements.

Data Integration

The ETL (extract, transform and load) is the integration of processes by which the data from different parts of information systems are moved, combined and consolidated. These processes generally consist of extracting data from different sources, by applying transformations and sending the resulting data to the target systems.

The PowerCenter is specially designed so that customers can easily upgrade the enterprise data architecture. Data can be moved very quickly on hybrid it environments separate. The Informatica solution LLC guarantees great performance, flexibility, ease of use, governance and productivity.

Data Quality

The concept of Data Quality refers to the integrity of information through which a company can achieve their goals, both in terms of turnover as customer loyalty, for example. The implementation of a data quality strategy offers to companies the implementation and monitoring of their strategies. The more accurate the information in a database, the better the stocks of companies in relation to the expectations outlined in their definitions of business.

Informatica Data Quality has great strength and flexibility with regard to the complexity and challenges existing in the types of information that require accuracy. With administration console and data control, the Informatica Data Quality has a user-friendly interface that allows the simulation of the steps in the data flow and data management, being this solution a great ally to data governance of large corporations. In your admin console, business rules enable the processing of data with numerous functions, ensuring the delivery of high quality information.

Master Data Management

Master data are the core data of the companies processes, being your application a business-oriented discipline. In systems that companies run their processes are focused primarily on transactions, creating data blocks. However, it is important to realize that no decision of good quality you can rely only on transactions where if there is effective organization about the data.

The Informatica MDM is beyond cleaning service, Improvement and protection of data. With full coverage, however, modular solution enables customers to manage master data so zoned, expanding your application as your needs grow. The Informatica MDM has versions on-push and in the cloud, and hybrid environments designed for you.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is a trend that in recent years confirmed your consolidation and applicability to systems management, service and storage of large volumes of data in the cloud. In this age of hybrid it environments, with robust stabilized solutions for cloud Infrastructures, offer challenges fall developers of platforms as a service.

The integration platform in the cloud of Informatica LLC, known for Informatica Cloud iPaaS, has solid integration components to develop system integration services on-push or cloud-based. On this platform are available traditional data integration solutions, Data Quality and MDM of Informatica LLC, in special versions based on web interface.