We strongly believe that our clients competitive edge derives from their ability to deliver utmost value to their customers and to adapt to opportunities and challenges quickly and efficiently. As a result, they achieve a differentiating capability for their business by identifying and articulating their unique differentiators.

At ESS we have emulated this approach and have institutionalized a vision and a set of guiding principles we call End-End (E2E) Value Delivery.

E2E delivery dictates that we offer exceptional and differentiating competencies for our clients, using the right combination of ESS strengths:

Proven technical talent is the basis for our Strategic Resources offering. Our technical expertise and delivery discipline extends our proven talent to create the differentiating competency our clients need in complex Enterprise Applications projects. We provide customers with the foundation to drive process innovation, while enhancing competitive differentiators.

Our domain expertise further extends our differentiating competency and assembles for our clients highly Technology Solutions, in areas such as EAP/EAI Solutions, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, Visualization and Collaboration and Big Data and Cloud.

Our E2E Delivery System provides a flexible and scalable plan that offers options and choices for our clients to undertake development work at the place of their choosing – on client premises, in one of our several US facilities or at our offshore facilities in India and Brazil.

Our approach is straightforward and proven successful. By embracing and practicing E2E Delivery System, we are able to assess and serve our clients’ IT development needs at any level, every stage and across the world. The process is measured, monitored and structured based on customer objectives.

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